“Twilight” by Stephenie Meyer

We open on Bella’s dream that she’s on the edge of death, stalked by a dark hunter. But that’s just a dream, right? Just anxiety because she’s moving from her sunny home in Phoenix Arizona, and moving to the rainy, desolate, small town of Forks, Washington? Right? RIGHT? The next morning she leaves her mother … Continue reading

“A Husband for Margaret” by Ruth Ann Nordin

Ruth Ann Nordin is back, people! And this time we’re finding a husband for Margaret. The much-anticipated (by me) follow up to “A Bride for Tom” kicks off only a couple of weeks after Jessica’s wedding, with Margaret nervously preparing to receive her mail order husband. At the ripe old age of twenty, she has … Continue reading

“A Bride for Tom” by Ruth Ann Nordin

We meet the epically klutzy titular character, Tom, at a square dance in 1868, and it’s immediately painfully clear that this is a) a Prairie period piece and b) written by someone who has less than no grasp of how people spoke or what kinds of things existed in 1868. The author has a particular … Continue reading

“Accidental Father” by Nancy Robards Thompson

Julianne Waterford, a classically trained flutist from Washington DC, had her life turned upside down three months ago, when her sister was tragically killed by a suicide bomber in Afghanistan. Now Julianne is left to care for her thirteen-month-old nephew, Liam. Not that she minds, of course, but apparently classically trained flutists aren’t as highly … Continue reading

“The Wealthy Greek’s Contract Wife” by Penny Jordan

Ilios Manos is a grumpy Greek 37-year-old, who has sworn never to fall in love. He has also sworn to protect his family legacy, which is a fancy but dilapidated beachfront Villa in Greece. In order to hold on to this property, he needs to be married – not really sure why, it’s sort of … Continue reading