Down with Downton: Part II

And we’re  back! Now that we’re all acquainted with the Crawley family, let’s meet the people who actually do the work around here.


Mr. Carson: The old butler, oversees pretty much everything, with special authority over the footmen. He is compulsive about maintaining propriety and the reputation of Downton Abbey, and has a special place in his heart for Mary.
Mrs. Hughes: The housekeeper, second-in-command after Carson, and in charge of the maids.  She’s a task-mistress but kind and forgiving when it’s necessary and deserved.
Mr. Bates: Valet to His Lordship, and having served in a war together, they are bonded as “friends” (as friendly as you can be with someone who pays you to tie his shoes). Bates has a limp, due to some shrapnel in his knee, which caused some to speculate about how well suited he is for service. But he is dignified and noble to the nth degree, sometimes to his own and others’ detriment.
Anna Smith: Head housemaid, hard worker, and definitely the nicest one in the bunch. But she’s not a pushover and is wise to the likes of O’Brien.
O’Brien: Lady’s maid to Cora Crawley, and a total biznatch. She delights in causing misfortune for others – whatever you do, do NOT cross this one.
Thomas: First footman, known in certain circles as the “Evil Gay Footman.” He often conspires with O’Brien to bring about calamity and has a loose interpretation of ownership.Thomas

Mrs. Patmore: The red-haired and red-faced cook; she’s hard on her staff but secretly has a soft heart.Patmore

Daisy: The young, naive kitchen maid who is easily taken advantage of.


William: Footman under Thomas, also young and sweet with a super crush on Daisy.


Ethel: Season 2 staff addition, this little climber doesn’t want to work in service forever. She also has a taste for the gentlemen and will flirt with anything in trousers.


Mr. Molesley: Man servant to Matthew Crawley, he’s a combo valet and butler. He’s well-intentioned but easily overlooked, wants to work at the Big House, but is too timid to take his opportunities when they come.


Branson: The chauffer, an Irish-born political activist who doesn’t hesitate to state his radical views at the slightest provocation.


You’ve got all that, right? Because it will be important when we start with the season recaps. Hold on to your livery, boys and girls!

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