“Accidental Father” by Nancy Robards Thompson

Julianne Waterford, a classically trained flutist from Washington DC, had her life turned upside down three months ago, when her sister was tragically killed by a suicide bomber in Afghanistan. Now Julianne is left to care for her thirteen-month-old nephew, Liam. Not that she minds, of course, but apparently classically trained flutists aren’t as highly paid as one might think.

When her orchestra goes on a European tour with a stop in Paris, Julianne takes the opportunity to tear Liam’s father a new asshole for abandoning his child. Of course, when she gets there, Alex has no idea a child had resulted from his one night of drunken good-times with Julianne’s sister. Also, he insists they were “just friends” (just like a man), and totally flirts with Julianne. But he’s French, so that’s to be expected.

He meets the baby, and immediately renounces his vow to never have kids because of the dangers of his high-profile career as a Human Rights lawyer. Also, his brother is the Prince of St. Michel, so that’s a double-whammy of terrorist danger.

Of course, Alex wants to protect his newly discovered son from these omnipresent terrorists, so he strong-arms Julianne into a private jet and moves her to the island of St. Michel to live in the palace with every luxury available to her at a moment’s whim. Not really sure why the newly un-employed and admittedly broke Julianne resists this so hard, but I guess she would seem like a gold-digger if she jumped at the chance.

Little by little, Julianne starts to kinda like this hunky, wealthy French aristocrat (go fig) and he thinks she’s pretty. So he takes her to Paris and proposes. Her response is basically “um, why?” which is the most realistic reaction I’ve ever read in one of these books. His answer is the equally honest “um, because?” Which isn’t good enough for our girl Julianne. She leaves him to think about what an immature jerk he is, and jets back to St. Michel and Liam.

A week later, he’s had time to come up with a good reason (because he loves her! Duh!) but the terrorists have also had time to plan an attack! They try to kidnap Liam (stealing him from his stroller and replacing him with a “medium-sized teddy bear”… like, really terrorists? That’s the best you could come up with?), but the St. Michelian Secret Service are all over that shit, so they’re ultimately thwarted. Alex comes rushing home and tells a distraught Julianne that he loves her and Liam. Julianne says she loves him too. Nothing like a good kidnapping to get everyone on the same page. And of course, they all live happily ever after. Yay!

In summation: I’m not sure if this book was totally awesome, or just seemed that way after reading The Wealthy Greek’s Contract Wife. It did end a tad abruptly, but overall it was pretty involving and well written. I give it three stars, largely due to my weakened state. ***

About the Author: Nancy Robards Thompson is a “award-winning” writer – that is, she won the Romance Writers of America’s Golden Heart in 2002. Not exactly a Pulitzer, but still impressive. You can email her at nancy@nancyrobardsthompson.com!

Interesting fact: That scene on the cover never happens in the book. The story takes place in the winter, and they never go to the beach or put on bathing suits. The rode on a boat once, but that’s as close as we get. Trés disappointing!

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