“A Husband for Margaret” by Ruth Ann Nordin

Ruth Ann Nordin is back, people! And this time we’re finding a husband for Margaret. The much-anticipated (by me) follow up to “A Bride for Tom” kicks off only a couple of weeks after Jessica’s wedding, with Margaret nervously preparing to receive her mail order husband. At the ripe old age of twenty, she has … Continue reading

“A Bride for Tom” by Ruth Ann Nordin

We meet the epically klutzy titular character, Tom, at a square dance in 1868, and it’s immediately painfully clear that this is a) a Prairie period piece and b) written by someone who has less than no grasp of how people spoke or what kinds of things existed in 1868. The author has a particular … Continue reading

“Accidental Father” by Nancy Robards Thompson

Julianne Waterford, a classically trained flutist from Washington DC, had her life turned upside down three months ago, when her sister was tragically killed by a suicide bomber in Afghanistan. Now Julianne is left to care for her thirteen-month-old nephew, Liam. Not that she minds, of course, but apparently classically trained flutists aren’t as highly … Continue reading